What you will learn:
• The workings of the Profit & Loss account including Accruals Accounting, Trial Balance, Stock Movements
• The Balance Sheet and all of its many forms including Fixed Assets and Investment Measurements such as Return-on-Capital-Employed
• How to improve the cash-flow
You can access 100% of this knowledge online, simply by viewing our videos. You can do this early in the morning, during your lunch break, late at night or in some stolen moments during the day. All of the videos are bite-sized and easy to pick up and view for a few minutes. They also have the considerable advantage that when you need to refresh your memory on a specific subject, they are there for you to look at – any time.

We at Coaching Finance support all those non-financial professionals who are managers, directors or anybody required to understand the complexities of company finance.

Here you can find a new way of gaining  and retaining accounting and financial knowledge.

President Woodrow Wilson was asked about the amount of time he spent preparing speeches

“That depends on the length of the speech. If it is a ten-minute speech it takes me all of two weeks to prepare it; if it is a half-hour speech it takes me a week”

We at Coaching Finance have taken a great deal of time over the preparation of these videos to keep them relevant and on topic so that you, the learner, can make the best use of your time. We are assuming that as a busy manager you do not want to sit through a long webinar style conversation, just watching a tutor writing on the screen; this is not a good use of your time.
Research from the University of Rochester found that the optimal video length for taking on board new information is 6 minutes or shorter. All of the Coaching Finance videos meet that six minute deadline. We have taken a lot of time in preparing these videos so that you don’t have to.