Having sat (and even slept) through many dry and uninteresting financial training videos over the years, I was convinced it must be possible to create videos that would get their message across in an engaging and informative way. The content of these Company Finance videos is practical and based on the reality of day to day management, rather than being simply a rehash of an academic textbook.

Chris Moore - Coaching Finance All of the Company Finance videos draw on my extensive professional experience. Over the course of my career I have seen just how much those in senior management value those managers and colleagues who understand the workings of the whole of the company rather than just their own small area, and the starting point to truly understanding the dynamics of a company is to understand the financials.

Before becoming a Coaching Finance specialist my career included 20 years in Financial Director roles, including working for USA companies. The last seven years were spent as the Managing Director of one of Boeing Aircraft’s UK subsidiaries, and in this time I oversaw the setting up of a multi-million dollar eLearning and training division.

 I am a:
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Global Management Accountant

My wife Julie is a Research Fellow at the local University, she has been a tremendous help in advising me on various aspects of teaching. We have three children and two grandchildren; we need a large house when we take our short family breaks away.

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