7 Reasons Why You Should Consider On-line Financial Training Rather Than Attend a Classroom

So what is best, attending a classroom, or taking a lesson on-line?



Classroom training

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Online training

online training[/twocol_one_last]

Of course that may depend on how good the classroom is, or indeed how good the online lesson is? Let us assume that both the classroom and the online lesson are equal in content and value, now which is best?

The advantage of the classroom is that you just simply turn up and soak up the information, what could be simpler?

Seven disadvantages of the classroom are:

1) The Ebbinghaus affect, this short thirty four second video explains how we lose the majority of the knowledge we have initially gained in the lesson and the answer to this issue.

Other issues with attending a day course, or block of days course are:
2) Convenience, in today’s busy world, is not always possible to block a large amount of time in your diary and be certain that you will be able to attend this lesson
3) Energy; it is best to study a subject when you are feeling on top form and don’t have a pre, or post-lunch slump in energy

Lacking energy






4) A classroom will have mixed abilities, which risks you either been bored with the lesson because they’re going to slow, or you’ve missed the point and you can’t rewind the lesson because the teacher is on to the next point.

5) The time and cost of travelling to the lesson cannot be ignored, as this is a considerable downside to attending a lesson
6) Review & Revision; in two months time, when you need to remember the detail of a point in the lesson, you cannot play back the lesson.

7) Other point; on-line training will get over the majority of the problems highlighted above, with the additional benefit that you shouldn’t get any waffling from the teacher, or time taken with the teacher writing on the board or chart. One-minute of video training should be a lot tighter than 1 minute of classroom training, because the effort involved in creating the video will take a lot longer than the effort involved in preparing for a classroom lesson, due to editing out all of the irrelevances.

The main disadvantages of on-line training is the person’s ability to organise oneself and self-discipline, because the student will have to plan and attend the course and make sure they complete to their plan of completing the course.